Lambskin Play Rug


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Ivory or Cream

100% Natural Australian Sheepskin

Sanitized, Woolmark, Eco-Tan (Cream)



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Cozy Mate Lambskin – 80 to 90cm

For cots, cradles, bassinets or playpens. Great for tummy time.

An ideal way to soothe and comfort baby. Soft and cozy, wool’s naturally dense fibres provide a calming texture.

Natural lambskin insulates and ventilates, keeping little bodies warm in winter and cool in summer, wicking moisture away from tender skin. Seamless, quality-crafted from the most luxurious, dense and silky lambskins of Australia.

Why Natural Lambskin?

Lambskin wool is nature’s most resilient and comforting resource. Its soft, hollow fibres “breathe” and help regulate body temperature. Air flows freely between your baby and the lambskin, providing the utmost in comfort. This lambskin product can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet, keeping baby dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather.
Naturally flame-retardant
Absorbs moisture
Insulates against both heat and cold
Naturally resilient
Easy to clean and care for

This lambskin product has been tanned using EcoTan environmentally and user friendly tanning agents and techniques. Use of the EcoTan logo on this product is proof that it was tanned with the health of the environment and the end user in mind.

This product is machine washable on a cold or warm cycle. Use the short or wool wash cycle and use commercially available wool washes only.

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